Monthly Archives - May 2012

NJVID Commons Collection Update – May 27, 2012

The following  videos from William Paterson University were added to the NJVID Commons Videos Collection last week.

  1. Curiosity: is there life on Mars?
  2. Faculty forum: e-books
  3. Symposium on Passaic County flooding: impact and response, part 1 of 3
  4. Symposium on Passaic County flooding: impact and response, part 2 of 3
  5. Symposium on Passaic County flooding: impact and response, part 3 of 3
  6. William Paterson University’s 6th annual collegiate stand-up comedy competition

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – May 27, 2012

The following videos from the vendors listed below, were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week:

PBS Educational Media:

  1. Dolley Madison
  2. Triangle Fire

Bullfrog films:

  1. Planeat

Films Media Group:

  1. Active Listening and Note-Taking
  2. Assistive Technology: Powerful Solutions for Success
  3. B. F. Skinner: A Fresh Appraisal
  4. Common Job Interview Mistakes: What NOT to Say or Do
  5. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
  6. Dealing with Bullying
  7. Democracy Left Behind: NCLB and Civic Education
  8. Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom
  9. Eye of the Storm: Jerusalem’s Temple Mount
  10. General Motors: From Dream to Downfall
  11. In Search of a College Major and Career Direction
  12. Measuring Success in Treatment for Autism
  13. Men of the World: Albert Kahn’s Archive of the Planet
  14. Mexico’s Drug Wars
  15. Non-experimental Research Methods in Psychology
  16. Paris 1919: Inside the Peace Talks That Changed the World
  17. Plagiarism 2.0: Information Ethics in the Digital Age
  18. Prenatal and Early Childhood Nutrition
  19. Recognizing Child Abuse
  20. Save Our History: Dear Home – Letters from World War I
  21. Skill Acquisition for Sports Performance
  22. Spotlight on Careers in Fitness and Sports
  23. Studying and Test-Taking
  24. Teaching Writing: A Process Approach-Level 2
  25. Teaching Writing: A Process Approach—Level 1
  26. The Agony of Reform
  27. The Battle of Ideas
  28. The Botany of Desire, with Michael Pollan
  29. The Guantanamo Trap
  30. The New Rules of the Game
  31. The Right Choice? Charter Schools and Voucher Systems
  32. There’s No Place Like Home: The Return to Homeschooling
  33. Time Management
  34. Values and Goals
  35. You’re Hired! Job-Winning Interview Strategies

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – May 13, 2012

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week:

Bullfrog films:

  1. Revenge of the Electric Car

Films Media Group:

  1. A class divided
  2. A different kind of care
  3. Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis
  4. Basic Cardiac Monitoring: Setting Up Cardiac Monitors
  5. Basic Clinical Skills: Surgical Wound Care
  6. Changing Lives
  7. Charisma in Politics: Analyzing Body Language
  8. Emergency Management Planning
  9. Full Cover Girl: How Fundamentalism and Democracy Are Eroding Women’s Rights in Iraq
  10. Green Architecture: Environmentally Friendly Housing
  11. Growing up online
  12. Hydrogen Hopes
  13. Interior Design Project: Furniture Styles
  14. Interior Design Project: Green Design
  15. Living with Dying
  16. Modern Marvels: Television – Window to the World
  17. Portrait of Addiction
  18. Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies K-6
  19. Preventing Needlestick Injuries
  20. Renewable Fuels
  21. Small Change, Big Business: The Women’s Bank of Bangladesh 10 Years Later
  22. The Business of Education
  23. The Next Generation
  24. The Power of Color
  25. The Rock Star and the Mullahs
  26. Thinking Green, Building Smart