Secure Content Sharing

Secure Content Sharing

Academic users such as instructors, media departments, and students face a major challenge trying to share content using platforms such as YouTube or other commercial applications. Illegal downloading of content inhibits the growth of video creation and adoption.

Lack of privacy options in the existing platforms hampers the confidence of utilizing streaming video in programs sensitive to privacy requirements. illumira’s digital repository was designed keeping these academic needs in mind, and has since been used by instructors as their primary service to upload and share content. Share and make uploaded content accessible only to those users that should have access to it. Fine grained permissions lets you control media listing and search.

We understand that while security is important, so is ease of use. Users across all the illumira subscriber base appreciate the simple yet intuitive share and privacy/listing options.

Some of the challenges that illumira addresses in the area of secure content sharing:

Encrypted streaming: illumira utilizes encrypted streaming to ensure that content integrity is protected.

Federated access mechanism: Access to your content is provisioned through your institution’s secure authentication systems ensuring content sharing integrity. 

HTML5 player: illumira utilizes the latest HTML 5 player to stream content to end users ensuring that content is easily accessible while addressing the risks posed by older Adobe Flash based players.

Secure share permissions: Share content with a single click with your institution or choose to keep them private/public. Create groups of users or share them with an individual user.

Control content listing: Content owners can choose whether their content is listed and available for other users. Uploaders have options ranging from displaying title listing to all to having a title accessible only via its unique URL, helping address privacy issues.

Learning Management Integration: Content uploaded through illumira’s proven LMS module can automatically be made available to all currently enrolled students of that course easily from within the course environment.