Instructional Technologists

Instructional Technologists

Instructional technologists and designers across higher-ed community are looking for solutions to integrate rich media into their course and learning management systems. While many LMS platforms come with the capability to upload and stream content the functionality is severely limited and expensive for additional storage and lacking features such as closed captions.

The illumira media repository was designed and developed with the needs of instructional staff, faculty and students in mind. The repository has LTI based plugins for all major LMS platforms and Lecture Capture Systems. We know that instructional staff appreciate a product that is easy to learn – illumira media repository plug n’ play approach allows instructors to start uploading content with minimal learning curve or training.

The repository features a lot of features that instructional team would expect from a service – and all of them are available in a tightly knit product. illumira is also the only service that utilizes active feedback from the many instructional technologists and faculty using the service, in developing newer features and workflow improvements that tie-in with the needs of the user base.

Some of the much needed features built-in to illumira are:

Simple Deployment and Usage: Instructors can start using the tool as soon as it is installed. The plugin is ready for uploads and embeds within course pages.

Unlimited Usage: The service comes with unlimited users and bandwidth allowing you to quickly scale and grow usage as needed.

Easy Collaboration: The service comes with features such as support for student uploads from within LMS courses allowing greater collaboration through digital media.  

Support for Multi-File Format: Users can upload videos and audio files, images, and documents. There are no restrictions on file-size or format. The service automatically converts and creates presentation files.

Support for Closed Captioning: The plugin comes enabled with multiple closed captioning creation options including a FlexCaptions tool to request captions for content.

Content Re-use: Uploaded content can be reused and embedded as needed. Our plugin supports course copy so instructors do not need to upload content over multiple semesters.