Media Archival

Media Archival

Institutions today host archival media files at disparate campus locations. Such content is stored anywhere from local hard drives to self-hosted and often expensive local storage implementations.

Libraries and media departments have databases of VHS content that are stored with limited access due to technological restrictions. With discontinuation of VHS players it has become important to departments to identify and preserve media before degradation.

A few other archival use cases that institutions commonly see:

  • Creation of oral history libraries
  • Institutional events archives
  • Digital image libraries
  • Digitization of old publications and newspapers/books
  • Archival of scientific journals for future reference

illumira provides a much needed solution for media archival through its media repository solution, enabling institutions to preserve academic and archival media through a simple and easy to deploy service.

Institutions today are using the illumira Media Repository to archive and digitize redundant media formats while simultaneously opening up streaming access to the collection of curated content.

A few reasons why institutions prefer to use this service to complete their archival needs

  • A fully hosted solution where all archived files are automatically backed up on the cloud with high availability
  • Instant access to all content through creation of presentation files.
  • Rich metadata options available to aid content discoverability with feature to export metadata as MARC records.
  • Control access and content visibility as needed on collection as well as individual object level.