Section 508 Compliance

Section 508 and ADA Compliance

Accessibility compliance is major concern for any institution that is creating digital content for consumption by end-users. Content creators such as instructors need to ensure that uploaded video content comply with requirements for accessibility and closed captioning. Accessibility tools such as closed captioning aid provide a better understanding of content for the overall international student community as well.

illumira has been in the forefront in addressing these challenges for its members to achieve a goal of equal accessibility of content across all users. Our commitment towards making video accessible for users with disability issues has resulted in a continual improvement to accessibility tools and features that are available to institutions and users.

Some of the accessibility features and tools that come standard with illumira include:

  • Section 508 compliant media player with WAI-ARIA support that ensures accessibility of content to all users.
  • Keyboard playback functionality: Keyboard shortcuts allow control of all playback functionality
  • illumira provides a variety of captioning options: You can create your captions using our in-built tool or utilize our FlexCaptions service to request captioning for your media
  • Integration with 3rd party services – illumira integrates with 3rd party services such as Amara to let users create closed captioning for content.