Instructors and Teachers

Instructors and Teachers

Instructors utilizing video in courses today have options such as YouTube or other commercial applications but are restricted by the limitations in both security and features that these services offer.

illumira’s digital content repository solution offers a comprehensive platform that caters to the specific needs that faculty today need and require. illumira allows instructors to develop a campus streaming platform that is easy to use and integrates with lecture management systems and capture systems.

illumira’s secure streaming service gives instructors a peace of mind while uploading content with the assurance that content can only be seen and accessed by users that you wish to show content to.

Some of the features that faculty find useful in illumira are:

Easy Interface to upload content: Faculty can quickly and easily upload content from computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. illumira’s simple-to-use interface enables content owners to upload a wide variety of video, audio, images and documents without worrying about file-size restrictions. Our cloud-based encoding service ensures quick encoding of your files.

Secure Share and Access: Share and make uploaded content accessible only to those users that should have access to it. Fine grained permissions lets you control media listing and search.

Encrypted Streaming: illumira utilizes encrypted streaming technology to ensure viewers can only see content and not download them illegally.

Content Captioning: illumira provides multiple options for instructors to provide captioning for their uploaded content through included tools for closed captioning creation and request.

Ready Reporting and Analytics: Instructors can see real time statistics of how their content is consumed by students.

Personalization of content: Students accessing instructor uploaded content can personalize content through available tools such as annotations, chapters, bookmarks and playlists to adapt your content to their own pace of learning improving performance.