illumira’s licensed media hosting solution is ideal for libraries looking to transition into the realm of digital streaming media. Today with video becoming a driving factor in educational technology, libraries require a streaming media platform that allows them to leverage this medium easily and cost effectively.

With illumira, libraries get a ready-to-use, always available cloud based platform that they can use to license and host digital media content from more than 100 media publishers, and filmmakers that offer content through the platform. Libraries can also stream content from new media publishers that patrons may be interested in.

The illumira team will quickly catalog, source and digitize any title that the library licenses and add them to your collection. Your users will simply access content from illumira’s feature-rich platform.

This allows libraries to develop a curated collection which is suited to the needs of your patron community of faculty, students and staff. With features such as the availability of MARC records, real-time usage reporting and analytics of your holdings, accessibility and closed captioning, librarians will have a powerful product that works for them while providing tremendous value.

Below are some of the top reasons librarians prefer illumira over other services

Not rooted to a single media service provider – With illumira you can stream content from any vendor/media publisher, even those that may not have a streaming presence. Libraries using illumira today are streaming content without worrying about setting up access for every new publisher. You get a single platform for all your video streaming needs.

Simplified Access with Learning Objects – The illumira team will take care of the content cataloging and digitization for you. We work with media publishers to source content, which is cataloged by us as per library standards. Content is made available with learning objects where available.

Integration with library systems: Access cataloging MARC records for any title on illumira and import them into your library systems.

Content Discovery: Library patrons will be able to easily search across all of your streaming media holdings making your database instantaneously available from any location. illumira’s enterprise search covers metadata keywords as well as closed captioning text making content even more discoverable and improving ROI.

Closed Captioned and Accessible content: When available videos are closed captioned through a 508 compliant HTML5 media player ensuring access across all user communities. Libraries can also request closed captioning for any available content.

Analytics & License Management: The service provides librarians with reporting and usage tools that let you see usage data in real time. Moreover illumira also provides you with license management tools that let you track and manage your streaming video database licenses.

Cost Savings: Libraries see huge savings as they can easily control licensing, and use the anytime available easy to understand analytics to gauge usage across all patrons. Many media publishers offer discounts for content streamed via illumira, as well as DSL/perpetual licenses, that let libraries own content while simultaneously streaming it.