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NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – June 3, 2012

The following videos from the vendors listed below, were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week:

Medcom Trainex:

  1. Administering Medications: Injections
  2. Administering Medications: Medication Safety and Oral Medications
  3. Administering Medications: Topical, Suppository and Inhalant Medications
  4. Assessment of the Newborn: The First 10 Minutes
  5. Assessment of the Newborn: The Head to Toe Assessment
  6. Obstetrical Nursing: Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section
  7. Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Antepartum Patient
  8. Obstetrical Nursing: Caring for the Postpartum Patient
  9. Obstetrical Nursing: Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  10. Obstetrical Nursing: Labor and Delivery
  11. Obstetrical Nursing: Pain Control

Films Media Group:

  1. Aristotle
  2. Bipolar: Life Between Two Extremes
  3. Cannabis: The Evil Weed?
  4. Effective Internet Search: Basic Tools and Advanced Strategies
  5. Enjoy Your Meal! How Food Changes the World
  6. Kant
  7. Oops, Wrong Planet: Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome
  8. Paying Your Way through College
  9. Plagiarism 2.0: Information Ethics in the Digital Age
  10. Plato
  11. Pleasure and Pain
  12. Requiem for Detroit?
  13. The Good Soldier
  14. Why Do We Dream?