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‘Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns’ series from Films Media Group now available on NJVID

Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns series from Films Media Group are the latest titles digitized by NJVID team this week. These videos can now be licensed by any NJVID member for streaming access. More on these series:

  • Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns – A study and celebration of America’s greatest original art form, Ken Burns’s ten-part documentary series opens at the dawn of the 20th century and crosses the decades with the exuberance and expressive power of jazz itself. Each episode sheds light on cultural and historical milestones as it introduces viewers to the unforgettable names and accomplishments of the music. From the cradle of New Orleans to the crucibles of Chicago and New York City… from the Harlem Renaissance to the Great Depression to World War II and beyond… Jazz paints an astonishing portrait of a nation and the sound that both captured and set free its spirit.
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‘Nasser’s Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt’ from Icarus Films now available on NJVID

Nasser’s Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt from Icarus Films is the latest title digitized by NJVID team this week. This video can now be licensed by any NJVID member for streaming access. More on this title:

  • Nasser’s Republic: The Making of Modern Egypt (Icarus Films) – This title is the first film for an American audience about Gamal Abdel Nasser, one of the Arab world’s most transformative leaders. In 1952, as a unknown young Egyptian colonel, Nasser led a coup that became a revolution. Over the next 18 years he challenged Western hegemony abroad, confronted Islamism at

    home, and faced deep divisions among the Arabs, emerging as a titanic figure,

    champion of Arab progress and African liberation. But what he could not offer was democracy; instead, he established the region’s first and much emulated military authoritarian regime. A man of enormous charisma and ambition, Nasser became caught in the coils of his own power, dying at 52 with many dreams unrealized. The Arab Spring and its aftermath are his legacy. Fifteen years after completing her film Umm Kulthum, A Voice Like Egypt, director Michal Goldman returned to a very different Egypt to begin work on Nasser’s Republic, filmed between 2011 and 2015. During this period of turmoil, Egyptians argued passionately about their history as a way to see what course to follow in the future. It is their voices-peasants and professors, secularists and Islamists-that drive this film.


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