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NJVID Commercial Video Service Update –February 16, 2014

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection:

ro*co films educational:

Women Make Movies:

Icarus Films:

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update –February 9, 2014

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection:

ro*co films educational:

California Newsreel:

NJVID Update

February 4,

We are
excited to announce the following features and updates to the NJVID platform
effective the night of February 17, 2014. These changes are based on the
feedback regarding improving the administrative roles and expanding the
features available for Collections Managers we received last year.
Institutional Collection Managers (ICM) can
now be allowed to create sub-Collections in the Collections they manage.
Institutional Administrator of each Institution can now create new ICM’s or assign
permissions for existing Collections Managers with the ability to create subcollections
in the collections they manage. Users with such privileges will not only be able
to manage videos and users within their assigned collections, but can also create
sub-collections and manage all aspects of the created sub-collections as ICM’s.
They will also have the privilege to create or assign similar ICM’s with
collection creation permissions for all the sub-collections they have access
to. This feature will give the Institutional Administrators the flexibility to
have Collections Managers who can create and manage their own collections,
without having to deal with collection creation requests from other Collection

Inheritance of Collection Permissions by Institutional
Collection Managers (ICM)
user who is an ICM of a collection will now automatically become the ICM of that
collection’s sub-collections. Institutional Administrators will no longer have
to explicitly provide ICM privileges to child collections to a user if the same
user is already the ICM  of the parent
Improved Representation of Collection Structure for
Add/Edit User Interface
collection display on the “Add user” and “Edit user”
screens will now be presented as a tree structure, replacing the linear list displayed
today. Clicking on each collection will open up a window that shows permissions
for that user for that collection. This improved interface will be intuitive
and helpful to administrators while assigning collection properties.
We will also be
updating the support site ( to reflect these changes.
Please feel free
to contact us with your questions or comments – email us at