Media Repository Service

Enterprise Tools and Features

Ready Integration

Seamless integration with popular learning management systems allows users to upload and provide instant access to digital content. Sync and import content between illumira and external video capture tools such as Techsmith Relay.

Instantly archive content

All uploaded content is instantly archived and backed up in the cloud, saving you time and storage space. 

Flexible Collection Development

Create your own digital content collections, with fine-grained access permissions for your content.

Bulk Upload tools with Templates

Bulk upload tools allow for easy export of content from existing solutions along with capability for FTP exports. illumira also allows users to create templates for quick uploads with relevant metadata.

Real-time Reporting

Access viewing statistics and usage from a central reporting interface. Reports with multiple filtering options allow you to analyze data and see trends in usage.

Secure Streaming Technology

Instructors prefer ilumira’s proven secure HLS streaming technology to any other, since it prevents end users from illegally downloading and sharing content.

Cloud based Infrastructure

illumira is hosted on AWS utilizing cloud technology ensuring scalability and high availability, eliminates the expense of on-premise installation and hardware maintenance.

Improve ROI

Customize the look and feel of your interface to align with your institutional brand through illumira’s custom featured collections and content.

Easy Teaching & Learning Using Accessible Media

Easy Upload and Share

Not only can your users upload videos and other formats without worrying about conversion or file sizes from computers and mobile devices – they can also share content with other users or institutions with just one click.

Content Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Access all your content instantly from any computer or mobile devices, from any location through an always available platform.

LMS integration

Upload and manage videos directly from within your LMS environment with direct access to video to students from within course pages. Reuse created content through course copy tools. Built in student uploads capability allows for greater collaboration.

Accessibility of Content

Section-508 compliant web player with WAI-ARIA support and keyboard access functionality ensures users with accessibility issues have no problems accessing any media content.

Easy Closed Captioning

illumira provides a variety of captioning options. You can create your own captions using our built-in tool, or request captioning via our FlexCaptions service.

Learning Objects

Personalize learning through features such as annotations/clips, chapters, bookmarks and playlists that can be saved for later viewing. Learning objects can also be shared with the class or with other users using your own metadata.

Enterprise Search Capability

illumira features simple, yet powerful search features that lets users do multi-faceted search among content metadata, closed captions. illumira also features in-video search for jump-to-scene, document text search and more.

In-Video Quizzing

Create and insert quizzes into uploaded videos along with scoring capability. Embed quizzes into online LMS courses; and see how your viewers performed through real time reports.

Rich Playback Features

Users can access content from any personal device. The latest HTML5 player, featuring adaptive bitrate switching and playback speed control, ensures optimal viewing experience on any device.

Unmatched Features and Support

Unlimited Users

illumira does not limit the users who can upload or view the service. Scale the service to your campus without user licensing issues

Unlimited Bandwidth and Uploads

Use illumira to upload and stream content without worrying about bandwidth limitations or costs. Users have no limitations on file-size for content uploads

No Hidden Costs

illumira is cost effective and transparent – which means no hidden costs for expensive add-ons or for using features that are demanded by your campus users

Unrivaled Support

Our team is ready to support you with any needs that you might have during usage of the service. illumira users appreciate the personalized attention that is provided to instructional teams, faculty and students – talk to our subscribers to learn more about illumira support!

Get started with building a media repository and streaming solution with illumira today!

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