Availability of media asset reporting tool and other new features

Availability of media asset reporting tool and other new features

The following new features will be available to all NJVID subscribers on September 1, 2014 at approximately 11 PM EST.

New reporting tool: Monitor your usage (media assets, storage and views) of the service

We are proud to announce the availability of a new reporting tool for NJVID users and administrators. This tool will help administrators, librarians and users in viewing detailed statistics of NJVID services usage in their institution. The reporting tool will provide key insights into how NJVID is being used within the institution through a combination of graphs and statistics. Administrators can not only track number of media uploads, usage, and views but also track amount of storage being used. Using an intuitive interface users can filter the reports based on media types, collections and platforms. 

The Media asset report lets administrators, owners and authorized users see data on creation trends and monitor storage used. Data visualization through graphs and reports let them track the asset creation trends and then filter and sort based on where the assets were uploaded (website,  LMS or capture device), uploaded hosts, media type and collections. The tool will also have the listing of all commercial assets and their licenses integrated into it, allowing a single pane access of all institutional assets for administrators and librarians and will soon replace the existing Commercial license listing tool. 

The Views report is an enhanced version of the existing Usage Statistics tool and will soon be replacing it. The report provides administrators, owners and authorized users with a comprehensive report on the views for media uploaded by the institutional users. The administrators and users can then filter views data and  see device and browser specific statistics across specific category types of media, or collections. Librarians can also filter views based on the commercial vendor’s name or collection. The tool will also let administrators view other key data such as  top viewers and top viewed media from the Institution. In addition, all reports can be easily exported to CSV file for further analysis.

Automatic title suggestion based on uploaded file name

In the “Add media” screen in the website as well as in LMSes, if the title was not entered in form, the name of the uploaded media file will be suggested as the title in the Title field.


Email notification when the media is ready for viewing

While adding a new media file, the user can choose to be notified when the media file is ready to be viewed. The user can also specify additional email addresses to notify other users. 

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments by sending an email to support@njvid.net. 

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