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NJVID Commons Collection Update – March 25, 2012

The following  videos from the NJEDge Faculty Showcase 2012 event were added to the NJVID Commons Videos Collection last week.

  1. “5 Course Hacks Any Humanist Can Try: Digital Humanities as a Teaching Playground”
  2. “What Do You Think?” – Promoting Student Collaboration using the Discussion Board
  3. A Hybrid Approach to English Basic Skills Instruction
  4. A Method to Online Course Design Madness: A Collaborative Approach
  5. Bridging the Divide: Transitioning from the Classroom to the Internet
  6. Creating Online Learning Spaces through Peer-to-Peer Blogging
  7. Creating Pedagogically Sound Hybrid Courses
  8. Creating a Helpdesk Where None Exists
  9. Critical Thinking and EAP in a Summer Bridge Program
  10. Differentiated Instruction Methods to address the needs of all students
  11. Making online class more social with Facebook
  12. Multiple Intelligences and Technology in the Classroom
  13. Online Information Literacy Instruction Goes the Distance in Real Time!
  14. Tactical Techniques For Excellence in Online Learning: Reaching Out Without Social Media
  15. The Artist’s Electronic Source Book
  16. Unintended Consequences: Measuring Faculty Buy-in to Instructional Technology
  17. Using Piazza for Online Math, Physics and Chemistry Tutoring
  18. Using technology to create more time for helping students one-on-one
  19. Wiki-fy Your Class
  20. ePortfolio with Google Sites
  21. iPad Classroom Connection: Facilitating Academic Excellence

NJVID Commercial Video Service Update – March 25, 2012

The following videos were added to the NJVID Commercial Video Collection last week.

Films Media Group:

  1. Addicted to Cheap Shopping? Why the Real Cost of Goods Keeps Going Down
  2. Alpha-1 Genetic Deficiency
  3. Architects at work
  4. Birth
  5. CAD/CAM in Textile Manufacturing
  6. COPD: The Struggle to Breathe
  7. Economic Indicators
  8. Ethics in the Workplace: Joanne Ciulla
  9. Multi-drug Resistant TB: Kill or Cure, Series 2
  10. Over a Barrel: The Truth about Oil
  11. Patient Safety
  12. Plagiarism: What Do You Value?
  13. Practical Use of Materials: Textiles
  14. Researching Career Options: New Technologies and Current Techniques
  15. Smart and Technical Textiles
  16. Talk Fast: Pitching a Screenplay in Two Minutes

Announcing a new feature: Video Usage Statistics

We are pleased to announce the display and graphical view of usage statistics of your videos. Institutional administrators, Collections Managers and Content creators can now gauge the usage and response of a published video in NJVID. The graphical tools will not disrupt any existing workflow pertaining to uploading and managing videos.

Video Usage Statistics: The number of views for a video is shown under the video player. Clicking on the graph icon/button will reveal a widget which shows a graphical representation of the views. Advanced Graphing based on custom date ranges and Day/Month/Year segments are also available.

Please note that for Learning on Demand and Commercial videos, viewing of statistics is available only for the following category of users.

  • Institutional Administrators
  • Collection Managers
  • Authorized librarians
  • Content/video owners

For Commons videos, basic video statistics are displayed for all viewers.

If you need assistance with any of these tools or think that you do not have access, please email our Support team.

Announcing new feature: A tool that lists NJVID Video titles andLicense Expiration dates

We are excited to announce the availability of a tool that allows Institutional administrators and Librarians to view the list of commercial video titles licensed by the Institution that are available in NJVID. The tool also displays the expiration dates of the licenses for those titles.

This tool is designed to complement your existing workflows and will not disrupt any existing workflow with NJVID at your institution. To access this service, librarians can log into NJVID and select the ‘Commercial Videos Licenses Listing’ option from the dropdown that appears under your username or userid in the top menu.

Once logged in, you will find various sorting and filtering options to customize your view. The list can also be exported to a CSV file for further report customization and printing. If you notice any discrepency regarding the expiration dates or the license type (perpetual or periodic) then please bring it to our attention immediately.

If you need assistance with any of these tools or think that you do not have access, please email our Support team.