Announcing a new feature: Video Usage Statistics

Announcing a new feature: Video Usage Statistics

We are pleased to announce the display and graphical view of usage statistics of your videos. Institutional administrators, Collections Managers and Content creators can now gauge the usage and response of a published video in NJVID. The graphical tools will not disrupt any existing workflow pertaining to uploading and managing videos.

Video Usage Statistics: The number of views for a video is shown under the video player. Clicking on the graph icon/button will reveal a widget which shows a graphical representation of the views. Advanced Graphing based on custom date ranges and Day/Month/Year segments are also available.

Please note that for Learning on Demand and Commercial videos, viewing of statistics is available only for the following category of users.

  • Institutional Administrators
  • Collection Managers
  • Authorized librarians
  • Content/video owners

For Commons videos, basic video statistics are displayed for all viewers.

If you need assistance with any of these tools or think that you do not have access, please email our Support team.

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