Feature updates – releasing October 3, 2014

Feature updates – releasing October 3, 2014

We are excited to announce the availability of some new features and updates that we have been working on. This update will be made available to all NJVID users on October 3, 2014 at approximately 11 PM EST

List of new updates

1. Enhanced Media Upload Functionality Tool

NJVID now features an updated and enhanced media upload tool. Some of the significant features of this updated functionality are:

  • We have increase the upload size limits from 2 GB to 5 GB. Now users can easily upload large files directly from your computer or any device instead of using a FTP or web server.In the past, users had to use a FTP or web server to bypass the 2 GB limit.
  • The Flash based file uploader has been replaced with a HTML5 file uploader, thus allowing users to upload media files directly from their mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Instructors and students can record lectures or presentations from these devices and upload them directly to NJVID.
  • New ‘Drag and Drop’ functionality lets users on newer browsers (that support HTML5) select media files from their windows or file explorer and drop it into the interface for easier and faster file selection.
  • We have also updated bulk upload interface and increased the number of files that can be uploaded from a personal device from 10 media files to 20.

2. Support for more video and audio codecs

The NJVID platform now supports an exhaustive list of video and audio codecs enabling users to upload a wider variety of file formats and extensions. The complete list of all the supported Video and audio codecs that are now supported can be viewed at http://support.njvid.net/support/solutions/articles/170940-supported-media-file

3. Support for Collection level access permissions

NJVID Collection managers now have the added capability to specify collection level access permissions and can restrict access to specific users, groups or all users of the Institution. This is similar to how object level share permissions are provided today. Additionally collections can also be kept private as well and visible only to the collection manager and administrator. Similarly the listing visibility of the collection on the website can be set to inherit the access permissions in addition to the  listed or unlisted permissions that are available today. This update will not affect the listing options or access permissions that may have been set on existing collections.

4. New features and bug fixes for NJVID Reporting tool

A new feature has been added to the NJVID Reporting tool that will display a drill down pie chart for the media views or media asset data set. These charts can be accessed by clicking on the pie chart icon under the available filter options. We have also taken care of some bug fixes that were reported to us.

Feel free to send an email to support@njvid.net if you have any questions regarding this email.

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