Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – August 29, 2011

Mobile device compatibility for Commercial Videos – August 29, 2011

NJVID is in the process of  introducing  additional streaming bit rates for Commercial videos which will enable users to view them on mobile devices such as  iPads and iPhones. The following videos were updated with new datastreams to enable mobile device compatibility.

Aquarius Health Care Media Collection

  1. Inside out: going to extremes (Link:
  2. Keeping kids healthy (Link:
  3. Second opinion: eating disorders : middle aged women (Link:
  4. The human condition: age happens (Link:

California Newsreel Collection

  1. Afrique, je te plumerai (Link:
  2. Ca twiste a Poponguine (Link:
  3. Color adjustment (Link:
  4. Frantz Fanon: black skin, white mask (Link:
  5. James Baldwin: the price of the ticket (Link:
  6. La vie est belle (Link:
  7. Le Grand blanc de Lambarene (Link:
  8. Lumumba : la mort du prophete (Link:
  9. Mapantsula (Link:
  10. Maquilapolis: city of factories (Link:
  11. Monday’s girls (Link:
  12. Race: the power of an illusion (Link:
  13. Skin deep (Link:
  14. Taafe fanga = Pouvoir de pagne  = skirt power (Link:
  15. Udju azul di Yonta = The blue eyes of Yonta (Link:
  16. Woubi cheri (Link:

CinéFête Collection

  1. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (Link:
  2. China new (dis)orders: betrayal of the people (Link:
  3. Daughters of gardeners (Link:
  4. No going back (Link:
  5. Reverse exploration: the tour of France by two Papuans. Part 1 (Link:
  6. Reverse exploration: the tour of France by two Papuans. Part 2 (Link:
  7. Unlikely treasures (Link:

Fanlight Productions Collection

  1. Cafeteria confidential (Link:
  2. Famous 4A (Link:
  3. Hidden wounds (Link:
  4. How I am: (Wie ich bin) (Link:
  5. Not just a bad day: living with bipolar disorder (Link:
  6. Stroke (Link:
  7. Stuffed (Link:
  8. The boy inside (Link:
  9. The family meal (Link:
  10. The weight of obesity: a balanced reality (Link:

Film Ideas Collection

  1. A death for peace: Mahatma Gandhi and the impossible quest (Link:
  2. Black Tuesday in Baghdad: who killed Sergio Vieira de Mello and his UN team? (Link:
  3. Bloody Monday: Lord Mountbatten and the IRA (Link:
  4. Carbombing in Beirut: who killed Rafic Hariri? (Link:
  5. Coup d’état in Santiago: the last days of Salvador Allende (Link:
  6. Death colonial style: the execution of Patrice Lumumba (Link:
  7. Death in Geneva: the poisoning of Félix Moumié (Link:
  8. Death in Memphis: the mysterious assassination of Martin Luther King (Link:
  9. Death in Rome: the case of Aldo Moro (Link:
  10. Death of a pharaoh: Anwar Al Sadat and the holy warriors (Link:
  11. Death of a populist: Pim Fortuyn and the Dutch consensus (Link:
  12. Duel in Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto : between the mosque and the military (Link:
  13. East and West. Episode 1: Westerners see nouns, Easterners see verbs (Link:
  14. East and West. Episode 2: Westerners want to see, Easterners want to be (Link:
  15. Fratricide in Burkina Faso: Thomas Sankara and French Africa (Link:
  16. Murder in New York: Malcolm X and the birth of Afro-Americanism (Link:
  17. Murder in Stockholm: who killed Olof Palme? (Link:
  18. Night flight to death: the violent end of Dag Hammarskjöld (Link:
  19. The Cradock murders: Matthew Goniwe & the demise of apartheid (Link:
  20. The assassination of God’s banker: Roberto Calvi and the Vatican (Link:
  21. The end of a Columbian dream: denying the assassination of Jorge Gaitán (Link:
  22. The end of an American dream: the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (Link:

Icarus Films Collection

  1. All restrictions end: the politics of clothes (Link:
  2. Final fitting (Link:
  3. Food design (Link:
  4. Le Sel de la Semaine: Jack Kerouac (Link:
  5. Mind in motion (Link:
  6. Presumed guilty (Link:
  7. Surrounded by waves (Link:
  8. The Koran: back to the origins of the book (Link:
  9. Views on Vermeer: 10 short stories (Link:

National Film Board of Canada Collection

  1. Not just a bad day: living with bipolar disorder (Link:
  2. Origins of human aggression: the other story (Link:
  3. Spirit of the trees: Malama ‘Aina (Link:
  4. Spirit of the trees: circle of life (Link:
  5. Spirit of the trees: continuing traditions (Link:
  6. Spirit of the trees: living knowledge (Link:
  7. Spirit of the trees: people of the cedar (Link:
  8. The world’s largest studio (Link:
  9. Warrior boyz (Link:

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